what we do…


We create, make, invent and produce concepts and ideas for clients around the world. There are four main ways clients use the studio, however feel free to discuss the best way we can support your needs. We believe that flexibility is key.


Show Production

Show production services can be supplied in various levels of support from a singular producer to a full team including art direction, technical integration and show design.


Production Design

We can be the executive producer for projects, build production teams & lead production services. We develop and produce bid documents for scenic, show sets and props.


Creative Principle

We provide creative leadership and vision to owners, project teams and other design studios. We can be a backstop, extension, or leader of existing resources with the ability to bring new talent to the team.


Invention and Creation

Being original is fun and creating the new is very possible. We invent new ideas and create partnerships with others in the industry to get the ideas to market (you’ll see some of them on the IAAPA floor). We can concept and program new attraction concepts for your needs placing you in a position of first.