what we do…


We create, make, invent, and produce concepts and projects for clients around the world. There are six main ways clients use the studio; however, feel free to discuss the best way we can support your needs. We believe that flexibility is key.

We work for theme parks, resorts, zoos, museums, and some interesting emerging entertainment spaces coming soon.


Concept Design

BMP can take our client’s projects from early stages of conception through feasibility, concept development, and refinement. Our process is highly specialized due to our unique past experience as project owners. We know how to design with ROI in mind, and we can balance reality of construction with one-of-a-kind experience results.


Production Design

BMP is often asked to carry projects from concept into production design phases. We develop and produce bid documents for scenic, show sets, area development, rockwork, graphics, and props. We can integrate with other owner design teams and ensure coordination of documents and adherence to project build budgets.


On-Site Show Production and Art Direction

Show production services can be supplied in various levels of support, from a singular producer to a full team, including art direction, technical integration, and show design.

We manage fabrication studios, procure props and scenery, review shop drawings, and know how to integrate technically and creatively with other teams. We started in the field building attractions and bring that vast knowledge to all stages of your project.

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Zoological Design and Kid Play

Our backbone in educational, play, and zoological design gives us a unique approach to design. Our zoological experience ranges from master planning of new themed realms to bringing older habitats into relevance from animal husbandry and educational perspectives.

Combining our theme park, theater, animal and educational backgrounds will give your project authenticity, purpose, and heightened reality.

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Live Events

Entertainment is moving off the stage and into non-conventional performance spaces. We use our theatrical and business backgrounds to create events and live creative spaces to drive ROI, guest satisfaction, and dwell time.

Ranging from high-end resort kids’ clubs to festivals and pop-up performances, BMP provides turn-key event design from concept, budgeting, and show production to procurement, talent, and stage management.


Invention and Creation

Being original is fun, and creating the new is very possible. We invent new ideas and create partnerships with others in the industry to get ideas to market. We can concept and program new attraction concepts for your needs, placing you in the position of first.

See some of our new products at our invention company’s sites:

Infinite Kingdoms: digital play, connected distributed attractions, magic campfire

Impact Attractions: sustainable water and dry play attractions with a net zero impact